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New regulations of the Republic of Serbia stipulate that Power of Attorney documents involving Real Estate and Inheritance matters, can be only verified by the Consulate General of Serbia if presented in the legally approved notarised format which includes the document ratification clause (i.e. the solemnisation clause).

It is therefore necessary for the person giving Power of Attorney or making a Statement to attend the Consulate in person in order to be identified, using a valid document of the Republic of Serbia (passport, ID card or driver licence) or an Australian or New Zealand personal document (passport or driver licence). It is also essential that the text provided in the Power of Attorney or Statement is prepared by a qualified person in Serbia (solicitor or Notary Public), and that the person signing the Power of Attorney/Statement has checked with the person they are authorising or the Notary Public who will finalise the legal matter (contract) in Serbia, that the format and content used in the submitted document (Power of Attorney or Statement) is acceptable. Power of Attorney or Statements must be signed at the Consulate.

For certification of documents relating to Real Estate in Serbia and Inheritance Statements in the approved notarised format, that is, for solemnisation of documents by the Consulate, it is important that the stated documents first be emailed to the Consulate, with a scanned copy of a valid Serbian passport or ID card or a valid foreign passport ( After the document has been emailed, the person signing the document can make an appointment, by email or by phone, to attend the Consulate and finalise solemnisation of the documents.

The Consulate General is not authorised to prepare notarised statements, nor to solemnise private documents such as transfer of property contracts (land, apartment, house, or similar), including contracts of sale or exchange, gift, life time support, transfer, division of assets for life or similar. These transactions can only be undertaken by the Notary Public of the territory in Serbia where the property is located.

Certification of Public Documents – Apostille

Like Serbia, Australia and New Zealand are signatories of the Hague Convention where foreign documents certified with the Apostille stamp do not require legalisation, in order to be used in those countries.

If a person is unable to attend the Consulate in person, the private document can be signed before a local Notary Public, and the same document is then certified by an “Apostille” stamp from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (or Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand), located in all capital cities. If the certified document is in English, it needs to be translated into Serbian by an authorised translator or court interpreter. Documents certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) can NOT be authenticated by an Apostille stamp and their signatures are not recognised outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Consulate General will continue to certify documents signed in front of a JP (Justice of the Piece list) on Power of Attorney/statements involving documents that do NOT need to be prepared in the approved notarised format, (i.e. solemnisation), in the same manner as before, and without the need to attend the Consulate in person.


Private documents (power of attorney, authorisation, statements) that require certification by the Consulate must be written in the Serbian language. The person signing the private documents is required to attend the Consulate, in order to be identified on the basis of valid personal documents of the Republic of Serbia (Passport or ID card) or valid Australian or NZ documents (passport or driver licence). The document is signed at the Consulate and is registered in the Legalisation Registry.

For those who are unable to attend the Consulate in person, due to distance and associated costs, their private documents (power of attorney, consents, statements etc.) that are NOT related to Real Estate or Inheritance matters, can be signed in front of a Justice of the Peace from the Consular List (Justice of the Piece list), or before a local Notary Public. Document signed by a JP are then sent by mail for certification by the Consulate General in Sydney. In addition to the document for certification, previously verified by the Justice of the Peace, please include a copy of your photo ID (passport, ID card, drive licence) and a bank cheque or money order to cover administrative and postage costs (for Australia, a pre paid self addressed envelope can be included):

Certification of Power of Attorney/Statement (one signatory)

$ 73.00 AUD

Certification of same document with second signatory

 + $38.00 AUD

Certification of second copy of the same document

+ $32.00 AUD

Certification of the third and additional copies

+ $18.00 AUD

Postage in Australia - $7.00 AUD, New Zealand - $15.00 AUD

Bank cheque or Money order is payable in the name of “Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia”.

Request for certification of documents form 

Consular Fee

For all additional information, please contact the Consulate General.