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The Original Extracts from the Civil Registry Books of the Republic of Serbia can be ordered through the Consulate-General of the Republic of Serbia in Sydney.

The following Original Extracts and Certificates can be ordered:

1. Birth Certificate - application form  

2. Death Certificate - application form

3. Marriage Certificate - application form  

4. Citizenship Certificate - application form   

5. Penal Clearance Certificate - application form

Application form for the requested document should be completed and signed by the applicant and submitted in person or sent to the Consulate's postal address, with the following:

  • Application fee, payable in cash at the consulate, or by bank cheque or money order in the name of  "Consulate-General of the Republic of Serbia", Consular fees.
  • photocopy of a document of identification with a photograph, such as passport or driver licence;
  • pre paid self addressed envelope for delivery of documents (Express or Registered Post recommended) or an additional $7.00 AUD for postage. For delivery of documents to New Zealand, please include additional $15.00 AUD for international postage.

The Consulate General in Sydney can not be held liable if the designated civil registry office is not able to provide the requested document in accordance with the information provided in the application form.    

Please be advised that it may take up to 60 days to obtain the required document this way.