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Marriage registration

In order to register a marriage solemnised in Australia or NZ in the Civil Registry of Marriages in Serbia, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  1. Completed Application Form (MS WORD or PDF form)
  2. Completed Statement of Spouses (MS WORD or PDF form)
  3. Original Marriage Certificate (not older than six months), stamped with an “Apostille” seal and translated into Serbian language.
  4. Photo-copy of Citizenship Certificates of both spouses;
  5. Photo-copy of Passports of both spouses.

If you are not submitting your application in person at the Consulate General, the Application and the Statement should be verified by a Justice of the Piece

Note: If this is not the first marriage, the divorced spouse's Birth Certificate from the Civil Registry of Births in Serbia, should be annotatated that the previous marriage has been dissolved.

Application fee: AUD$ 37.00

Translation fee from English to Serbian language: AUD $86.00 per document.

Fees are payable by cash if lodging in person, or by bank cheque or money order (in the name of “the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia") if lodging by mail. 

For additional information, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RS web site under Marriage and Family.