Flag raising ceremony marking the Serbian National Day, which has now become a tradition, took place for the tenth year in a row at the Bay Side (Rockdale) Council, on 13/02/2018.

Attending members of the Serbian Diaspora, priests of the SOC, NSW Parliament and Local Council representatives as well as Council staff were firstly greeted by the Mayor Bill Saravinovski and his opening speech. Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Sydney, Branko Radosevic, addressed the guests and thanked the hosts for their support. He stated that he is proud that the Serbian flag is raised on the flag pole in front of this Council in honor of the Serbian National Day, and expressed his support and belief in the values of Australian multiculturalism. In the name of the organisers, guests were also addressed by the President of the Serbian-Australian Association “Sretenje”, Mr. Miodrag Pesic.

Certificates of appreciation were exchanged between the Consulate General and the members of the Bay Side Council. Certificates of appreciation were also presented to the NSW Parliament representatives, Cultural and Artistic Society “Lazarica” and to the president of the Serbian Cultural Club “St. Sava”, for their ongoing cooperation and support of marking the National Day of Serbia.

The flag of the Republic of Serbia was formally and jointly raised by the Consul General Branko Radosevic, Mayor Bill Saravinovski and the President of the Serbian-Australian Association “Sretenje”, Miodrag Pesic, by the sound of the national anthem “Boze Pravde”.

The celebration was enhanced by the performance of the “St. Lazarus” church folkloric dance group from Sydney, and followed by a reception with Serbian specialties, organized by the Serbian Cultural Club “St. Sava”.

The Australian multicultural policy and organizations established for that purpose, allow ethnic communities to establish and affirm themselves within the society. An example of this is Sydney’s big Municipality of Bay Side (Rockdale). Notwithstanding the fact that the leadership of the Council has changed over the past 10 years, due to the initiative of Miodrag Pesic, president of the National Association “Sretenje”, this manifestation has continued every year since 2009, which represents an ongoing incentive for harmonious relations, closeness and tolerance among people from many nations who live in Sydney.

Courtesy of “Mis TV” the video of the event can be viewed HERE.

A big thanks goes to Mr. Joca Gajeskov who supplied the photographs and his reports in the newsweek “Novosti” from this event can be seen HERE.